ACT V: The Ship

Diana was lying on the doctor’s couch, and when the three of us were left alone for a while she bounced up and down on the springs and said, “This is better than lying in that wet boat.”
– Angus Macdonald

• Scene [On board (Saturday night 12/12)]

• Scene [The Captain (Saturday night 12/12)]

• Scene [Diana bounces (Saturday night 12/12)]

• Scene [Water (Saturday night 12/12)]

• Scene [The second dream (Sunday morning 13/12)]

Angus is out in the sun. He looks up at it, smiles. Looking down, he can see that his uniform is dry and neat, no longer sodden and patched. He looks over. There is Diana, in a nice frock, smiling at him, her hair done. On the other side, there is Tiny, large and imposing as ever, but now as neat as a new pin.

He looks down, they’re moving over planks, and we can see the sun glinting up from the sea below, through the interstices – flash, dark, flash, dark.

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