G.D. [God?]

Voglio scrivere un libro ove tutte le parole sieno vive e musicali come le foglie che fremono variamente ad ogni mutazione di sofio in una giornata del mio marzo
– Gabriele d’Annunzio, Il caso Wagner.

Gabriele d’Annunzio (1863-1938). Italian poet and Nietzschean man-of-destiny. Born Abruzzi; died on the Riviera. Led a force to occupy the Dalmatian port of Fiume, 1919-20 (precursor to Mussolini’s march on Rome).
Canto nuovo (1882)
Il trionfo della morte (1894)

The ant-like detail, obsessive cross-hatched minutiae of Gustave DorĂ© – his London cityscapes, weighty phantasmagoria of hell, sky, clouds in his Bible, Dante.

John (Giovanni?) Dee (1527-1608). Renaissance Magus, mathematician, architect, astrologer. Author (among numerous other works) of a Treatise on the Rosie Crucian Secrets. Absent from England during the two years (1583-85) of Giordano Bruno’s residence there.


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