Government Issue

Are you a poof, man?
– Grand Inquisitor, 13/10/99

Q: … Do you understand these rights?
A: Yes.
Q: What were you doing in town?
A: I was at a demonstration.
Q: Where was the demonstration?
A: In Albert Park.
Q: What was the demonstration for?
A: Against student loans.
Q: How did you find out about the demonstration?
A: A friend told me.
Q: What friend was that?
A: A friend from university.
Q: Where did you get the jacket?
A: I bought it in a second-hand shop.
Q: What was the name of the shop?
A: I don’t remember.
Q: Where is it?
A: In Dominion Road.
Q: When was that?
A: About six months ago.
Q: Have you ever tried to impersonate a police officer?
A: No.
Q: Do you have any other items of police equipment in your possession?
A: No.


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