• Scene [The plug (Sunday 22/11, c. 11.30 p.m.)]

[DAY 16]:
“We’re full of water!”

Angus starts up from sleep and looks over to see Diana, panic-stricken, crying out while trying to bail as fast as she can. The boat is half-swamped, and the other survivors (ten or so people) are looking up sleepily from their drenched sails and bits of old clothing.

The plug-hole is visible below the waterline, gleaming blue like a little light, opening up into tempting vistas of the deep. Angus is fascinated by it, and stares down at it for a moment before pulling himself together and starting to hunt for the plug. He finds it, eventually, in a locker, and hammers it home after an ecstasy of fumbling. The dull hard work of bailing recommences.

The people nearest the hole subside into slumber, having barely stirred during the whole excitement.

• Scene [Saboteur (Monday 23/11, c. 1.30 a.m.)]

[DAY 17]:
Angus wakes again to the sound of gurgling water. The moon is reflecting white on the water both inside and outside the boat. He replaces the plug and lies down again, this time with this eyes open a slit.

We see a hand reaching towards the plug. In the dim light it is impossible to see whether it’s white or brown. Angus pounces, and catches hold of it. Looking up, we see the face of the young engineer Angus talked to earlier.

“What are you doing? Are you crazy? You could have killed us all!”

“We’re all going to die anyway, so we might as well go together.”

The engineer’s eyes are wide and staring, and it’s clear he’s gone insane.

Angus deputes some of the others to watch him, but he grabs the first-aid box and jumps over the side with it before any of them can stop him. The two disappear together in an instant, but the camera follows them a long way down into the deep.

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