Angus’ face speaks volumes as he pats his friend on the shoulder, telling him to get some rest.

• Scene [Dead Lascars (Thursday 12/11, c. 5.30 a.m.)]

[DAY 6]:

Lascars are swaying back and forwards, chanting “Pani, sahib, pani, sahib.” The camera tracks away from them to show Tiny and Angus pitching the last of three dead lascars into the sea.

• Scene [Close Embrace (Friday 13/11, c. 9.30 p.m.)]

[DAY 7]:

Miss Taggart is sitting and swaying on the gunwale. She pitches forward as the boat rolls, and we see a fearful mass of sores on her back as she topples into the hold. She falls on top of another passenger, Mr Ball, who is heard protesting feebly. As she is pulled off him by Angus and Tiny, we see that he too is dead.

• Scene [More burials (Saturday 14/11, c. 5.30 a.m.)]

[DAY 8]:

• Scene [Engineer (Sunday night 15/11, c. 5.30 a.m.)]

[DAY 9]:

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