• Scene [First Death (Monday 9/11, c. 7.30 p.m.)]

[DAY 3]:

The Doctor is rambling and cursing, leaning up against Angus’s side. The latter is trying to comfort him, patting him and murmuring endearments.

Slumps against him. Horrible bright staring eyes.

• Scene [Sea-Burial (Tuesday 10/11, c. 5.30 a.m.)]

[DAY 4]:

Mr. Britt: “In sure and certain hope of the resurrection to eternal life, we now commit his body to the deep …”

Insert: [Angus: “We can’t waste any cloth! We haven’t any to spare.”

Tiny: “But how will the others feel? You know what’s going to happen the moment he’s overboard!”

Angus: “Well, we can weigh him down with something, if you like, so he’ll sink more quickly, but there’s no way we can cover him up completely.”

Tiny: “It’s just those eyes of his …”]

The body has scarcely slid beneath the surface when we see the flurries in the water, and a red stain, with thrashing fins, The sharks have had their first reward.

• Scene [Bob (Wednesday 11/11, c. 11.30 a.m.)]

[DAY 5]:

Angus is picking his way, on all fours, through the intricately entwined bodies which constitute the deck of the boat. Eventually he reaches Bob, strained-faced, black-bearded Bob. “Do you think we have a chance, Angus?”

“Everything’ll be all right, Bob. We’re bound to be picked up. How’s your back today?”

“Not so good, Angus, not so good.”

“Can’t you sit up at all?”

Bob makes an effort to raise himself, but immediately breaks off with a wheezing intake of breath: “Christ, that hurts!”

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