He only did it because I asked him to, though. It was only that first time that he actually took the initiative. He really learns fast – unless all that stuff about being an alien was just put on, at first. He’s certainly learnt that you don’t offer to eat a lady just out of politeness. That one little mistake has meant that he has to satisfy both of us, in our bed, every night, before he can go brood like he wants to.

[Wednesday] … This scene is getting weirder all the time. I gotta admit, I was expecting him to piss off at some stage without warning, leaving his little wifie Ann all forlorn. Seriously, it’s a bit like that. She cooks and cleans all the time (like she’s sposed to, of course, given she’s in charge of all the rooms – but she used to make me do it, too). Now when he goes out in the morning she starts going on at me about how it felt last night, and what can she do to try and make him sleep better tonight. I tell her that he’s not going to sleep no matter how much she pleases his dick, and that he’s really only doing it for her anyway (I mean, he is kind of a nice guy – he’s so polite to both of us, and he does anything we ask him to. Not just sexually, but otherwise. I know I’m a cynic, but he’s so sweet to Ann – talking to her, and kissing her, and calming her down. Only, it is kind of like the first time for her, and she’s old enough to see that it won’t last – which is why she keeps on asking me if shaving her pussy would help [it did look kind of cool, and I think he liked it too], or asking him to spank her on the bare behind [that didn’t work. He just kept kissing her and wouldn’t get into the game. It was the same when she was punishing me that time. He didn’t seem to get that I was into it. Just started crying when I was screaming at her to stop. What a pussy!]).

Anyway, I was going to say. He brought a friend home this evening. Aye, Aye, I was thinking, he’s been telling some bozos in a bar about how he’s got two bitches in tow, and how they’ll do anything for him, and they only charge fifty credits for a blow-job. It doesn’t usually take long. He was a ratty looking old guy, with a long white beard and a wrinkled face, and he looked like he hadn’t had a meal or a shower for quite some time.

Luckily Ann and me were dressed (sometimes she wants to open the door to him in the nude – and once she just shouted for him to come in, so he could see us in the middle of a 69). She looked at him kind of funny and said “Who’s this?” Like she was afraid or something.

“He is a friend, I think. I was talking to him down at the docks.”

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