[Extracts from Julie’s Diary]

[Monday] … She was never that butch, really. I used to have to be quite naughty to get her going, but now she’s just Daddy’s little slut. I mean, Bruno’s okay – I like him, even if he is a psycho and a queer, but she’s just fallen for him in a big way. I’m not jealous. Just scared for her, a bit. I know she’s never fallen for a man before. You should of seen her this morning:

Ann: Was it good for you last night?

Bruno: Yes, Ann. [That’s all he ever says, pretty much, even when he’s been licking you out or fucking you in the arse. Some pimp he’d make!]

A: You are going to stay with us now, aren’t you?

B: I want to, Ann, but I cannot know.

A: But … you said you loved me. [Actually he said he loved both of us, but he said it a lot more before he got into our pants, if you ask me. Still, most stiff cocks are like that – they’ll say anything to get laid].

B: I love you, but I have a mission [yeah, sure!], and I cannot sleep.

That last bit is true, I think. He certainly doesn’t seem to sleep at all. After he finished fucking Ann last night, she just went off to sleep (God, no wonder, the way she was carrying on – anybody would of thought she was a virgin, and she ain’t no virgin). He got up and went out into the kitchen a bit later, ’cos I saw the light going on out there. And then, when I had to get up to pee, he was sitting at the table out there with his head in his hands, just scanning or whatever the fuck he calls it.

[Tuesday] … I dunno why I keep writing in this thing. Bored, I spose. Ann must know about it, ’cos she’s seen me doing it. Christ, I wonder if she reads it? All the stuff I’ve written about her. Anyway, Ann, if you are reading this, then I love you, you little slut, and I love the way you eat pussy too, so don’t get shitty with me about any of the other stuff. Anyway, you’re so all over Bruno these days that I might as well not exist.

She questions him all the time about his mission, in bed and out of it, and he just goes droning on about it the same way whether he’s drinking coffee or having his cock sucked. God, that bastard must think he’s in paradise. I gotta admit that I’m quite into him myself. He gave me a good going-over this morning while she was out collecting the supplies at the depot, and I haven’t felt so relaxed for ages. I really think he likes the fact that I’m not always questioning him like she is. But then, she’s a bitch in love and I’m just a bitch.

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