“I’m sorry, Ann. I would have done the same for you, only Julie was here and you weren’t. I love you both, but you understand that I want nothing in return.”

“But look, you dumb shit, don’t you understand that you can’t just go around licking out ladies like an icecream cone or a lollypop – that it’s got implications for us?”

“But Ann, that’s just it … that’s just what …”

“Shut up, you fucking little slut – just get the fuck out of here, both of you. I want to think.”

Julie was now occupied in trying to retrieve her panties (the only other garment, besides socks, she was in the habit of wearing around the apartment) from wherever they had got to. Seeing them in the far corner into which they had been flung, Bruno went over to retrieve them, and handed them to her. She took them, then ran out in a flood of tears.

“No, you stay. We’ve got to talk.”

“Certainly, Ann.”

“How can you be so fucking cold about it? I mean, this is probably it for me and her, and I’ve been trying for I don’t know how long to stop this from happening. I always knew she liked men, but I thought that if …”

“But Ann, Julie loves you still.”

“So what about this? Was this a way of proving it to me? Hey, Ann, guess what Bruno and I got up to this afternoon?”

“I’m sorry, Ann. As I explained to Julie earlier, I do not really understand. I remember something of what I used to feel, and I remember that my … lover used to enjoy that act, as did I. Julie was bored, and did not want to talk to me, so I asked her if she would like me to do this for her.”

“Call it by its name. You asked if she wanted her pussy eaten, and of course the little slut said yes. She always does. How much time do you think I’ve spent with my head where yours has just been, contributing to madam’s pleasure?”

“I had forgotten the names. Some are there still, but not easy to recover: Cunt, snatch, pussy, slit, vagina, honeypot – it is more bitter than that, more citric – peach, fanny, crack, vulva …”

“Oh just shut up you fucking robot. I suppose you’d like to eat me out now to make it all even?”

“Yes, Ann.”

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