them on over my pants. Then I went and rang her front doorbell. When she came out, I told her ‘I’m in your pants,” and she had to admit I was right, that I was in her pants. She laughed and invited me in. She said, ‘You certainly are in my pants.’ And what would she say if she could see me now? ‘You silly bugger,’ she’d say, ‘what the hell are you doing to yourself?’

Non è, non è impossibile, benchè sii difficile, questa impresa. La difficoltà è quella, ch’è ordinata a far star a dietro gli poltroni. It’s not impossible, though it is difficult, this undertaking. The difficulty is of a kind to keep away cowards.

Francis jangles on the keys
you look for Bruno
in the candle-flames
– pessimistic gnosis –
think, alas, of

If you set the parameters right – the 10 orders of Angels [Mens Dei, Seraphin, Cherubin, Dominationes, Throni, Potestates, Principatus, Virtutes, Archangeli, Angeli] – the Hebrew Sephiroth [Kether: the Supreme; Hokhmah: Wisdom; Binah: Intelligence; Hesod: Charity; Gevurah: Wrath; Rahimin: Compassion; Netsch: Eternity; Hod: Majesty; Yesod: Basis; Malkuth: Kingdom] – the crystal Spheres [Primum Mobile, Caelum Stellatum, Saturnus, Iupiter, Mars, Terra, Venus, Mercuri, Sol, Elementa] – arrange each category within them on the combinatory wheels of Ramón Lull, counter the 36 Decan Demons with Bruno’s subtle cabbala, then you can control your world: order it as you see fit.

Non sol chi vence vien lodato, ma anco chi non muore da codardo e
Not only who wins comes praised, but even who not dies as coward &
poltrone: questo rigetta la colpa de la sua perdita e morte in dosso de la
poltroon: this rejects the sin of the his loss & death in back of the
sorte, e mostra al mondo, che non per suo difetto, ma per torto di fortuna è
Fate, & shows to the world, that not for his defect, but for wrong of fortune is
gionto a termine tale. Non solo è degno di onore quell’uno, ch’ha meritato
joined to end thus. Not only is worthy of honour that one, who’s merited
il palio, ma ancor quello e quell’altro, ch’ha sì ben corso, ch’è giudicato
the prize, but also that and the other, that’ve so well run, that’re judged
anco degno e sufficiente de l’aver meritato, benchè non l’abbia vinto.
also worthy & sufficient of its having merited, though not it’d won.

Tutte cose preziose son poste nel difficile. The year is 1600; it is dawn on February the 17th in the Campo de’ Fiori, Rome. Stretta e spinosa è la via de la beatitudine. Giordano Bruno, the Nolan, ex-Dominican, peripatetic traveller, magician,

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